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We offer national and local bankruptcy services specifically tailored to our clients' needs. Our firm can manage and administer high volume, nationwide bankruptcy portfolios. 

Who We Are

The firm provides comprehensive direct representation to its clients.  Irrespective of the scope of engagement, every bankruptcy client benefits from the firm’s commitment to quality, its investments in proprietary technology including our Bankruptcy Tracking System and Bankruptcy Rules Engine.






Per the client's instruction, the firm pursues loss mitigation opportunities and foreclosure alternatives.  Upon foreclosure referral, we pursue the foreclosure action properly, ethically and respectfully, in compliance with the laws, and our clients’ directives.  


We help navigate and determine the best route for our clients to file for bankruptcy. We also assist the debtors in interfacing with various creditor constituents; assisting in the development of emergent business plans and negotiating the plan of reorganization with stakeholders; and assisting the various case-specific analyses and presenting and/or reporting on such analyses.


Mitigate or lessen the loss to the investor (the loan owner) resulting from the borrower’s default. Given the costs that an investor must bear through the foreclosure process, loss mitigation is intended to be beneficial for the investor.



Deep Industry Knowledge

Our professionals have vast experience in helping clients file for their bankruptcy. We have assisted multiple companies in different industries, and have successfully negotiated many deals with loaners and debtors.

Experienced Professionals 

Our professionals have strong experience in a wide spectrum of financial services. We are associated with one of KSA's biggest Certified Public Auditors, which makes us one of the most capable firms to handle your bankruptcy or foreclosure.





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